Sisters of the Cloth
QuiltING Guild
19th Annual Gathering of Quilters - Saturday, March 21, 2009
“If Quilts Could Talk” - Events
Show Pins are available now @ $5.00 per pin. These can be ordered with your registration to receive yours before the show.
Program Book advertisements are now also being accepted. Rates are $50 full page; $25 half page and $15 business card. This is an excellent way to advertise your Business, Quilting Event, Retreat, or if your guild is accepting new members to let everyone know where you are and when your guild meets! For more info please contact us at:
Show & Tell is where you get to share your finished or unfinished quilt projects with everyone and celebrate your love of quilting too! We want to encourage all quilters, beginners, novices and experts to bring no more than two quilts to show. There will be a secured storage area to hold your quilts until after lunch.
Viewers Choice Awards will be determined by YOU. Categories this year will be: Appliqué, Traditional pieced, My 1st Quilt, Children Quilts, Men Quilts(made by men), Outside the Box (unusual shapes and/or embellished quilts), Small Quilts (below twin size), Row Robin (group) and Best of Show Viewers Choice. Voting forms will be included in the Program book and winners will be announced during the Show.
Ugly Fabric: Place one yard of UGLY 100% cotton fabric in a paper bag labeled with your name and address. Exchange your bag at the table designated for the ugly fabric swap. If you participated in the Ugly Fabric swap last year and have a completed Quilt item for the Ugly Fabric Contest, take your entry to the table as soon as you arrive. All entries must be received by 10:30am.
Consider Hosting the next Gathering of Quilters!
Host guilds are needed for upcoming Gatherings. Please consider hosting the Gathering for 2010, 2011, or 2012. Notebook & CD is available to help plan your event. Yes it involves a lot of work but the benefits to your guild can make it worth it. Guilds can share in hosting too! We will share with you the benefit of our experience. Let’s continue this quilting fellowship. Please contact Maxine Stovall for more info: (260) 672-0242.
Block Exchange: We want you to consider the world’s various ethnic groups and ethnic fabrics. We want you to explore and experience these fabrics. You can choose fabrics representing whatever ethnic group that appeals to you. It’s your choice. Background fabrics are also your choice of tan to cream or tone-on-tone prints.
Quilts blocks will be accepted in two categories: 6 inch squares and 12 inch squares. You can determine the quilt block pattern. The only rule is to have FUN with this! Sign an entry slip for the drawing at the table. You will receive one entry slip per block. Turn in as many as you like.
Charm Exchange: Cut 5-inch squares from 10 different fabrics. Place the set of 10 squares in a plastic bag with your name on it. Exchange your bag of squares for one from the designated table. You can swap more than one set, but you can only take as many sets as you bring.
Charity Quilts for Veterans - Because of our love of Quilting and our Veterans you can help to make a lap quilt to be donated to the Quilts of Valor Foundation in Indiana. Size should be 54” x 67”. For more info on specifics or patterns go on-line to:
A Quilt of Valor is a wartime quilt made to honor our War Wounded. It is a tangible way to say: Thank you for your service, sacrifice and valor for our country.