Sisters of the cloth
quiltING guild
About Sisters of the Cloth
Sisters of the Cloth Quilting Guild, Inc. is a not for profit organization that was founded in 1999 and is located in Fort Wayne, IN.  The guild’s motto “Each One Teach One” is indicative of its twofold purpose:  teaching the craft of quilting to all who are interested, and preserving the art of quilting for future generations.
The guild began modestly with seven members, all of whom continue to be actively involved.  Currently there are over 30 members representing an age span from early 30s to mid 80s.  Quilting skill levels range from beginner to advanced.
Sisters of the Cloth Quilting Guild has been deeply involved in several charitable activities throughout the community and beyond.  These activities include making and giving away more that 500 quilts to such entities as day care centers, nursing homes, organizations which protect abused, neglected and abandoned children,  a correctional agency for juveniles, museums, churches, and to Hurricane Katrina survivors.  Additionally, members have taught numerous classes in local schools, churches and community centers.